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QubicaAMF Cup 2014

50th BWC in Wroclaw, Poland at Sky Bowling Centre
Just two years after going to Poland, QubicaAMF is taking its 50th edition of the Bowling World Cup back there. And back to Wroclaw, as the 1000 year old City together with Sky Bowling will be hosting this most prestigious of all bowling events.
The city itself impressed all who went in 2012. It is a hidden gem on the river Oder with wonderful architecture and great restaurants. It provided one of the best ever World Cups.
The Sky Bowling centre inside the Sky Tower will again be the venue for the event, and competitors and visitors alike can be assured of a welcome even better than last time.   A spectacular finale is planned to crown this very special 50th anniversary on Sunday 9th November.
Owner Marek Maciejewski cannot believe his luck. “I am delighted that the City of Wroclaw is backing this event. It was a huge honour two years ago and is even more so now. Many people said how much they had enjoyed their visit here and I can assure you it will be no different this time.”
QubicaAMF will also use the occasion to showcase its new 2014 Harmony furniture line and BES X, the world’s only bowler entertainment system. Anne-Marie Board, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup manager, commented: “I know that everyone will be blown away by these innovations.   We are so lucky that our partners, the City of Wroclaw and Sky Bowling are working so closely together which will result in a truly spectacular 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.”
Information on the world’s largest annual international sports event can now be accessed on  where you can find facts, photos and statistics from each of the previous 49 championships, as well as the latest bulletins and news for 2014. It will also be the official site for daily results during the tournament.   And you can also keep up to date with all the news, views and happenings in the months leading up to this year’s world cup in Poland on Facebook and  Twitter.     
QubicaAMF Worldwide is a leading manufacturer and marketer of bowling and amusements products.  With worldwide headquarters near Richmond, Virginia and European headquarters in Bologna, Italy, the company offers a complete line of high-quality, innovative solutions for new and existing bowling and entertainment centres.
QubicaAMF has over 65 years of bowling experience and innovation, an install base of more than 10,000 centres worldwide and can provide the perfect combination of bowling equipment, products and services to build a traditional bowling centre, an FEC or entertainment facility to suit any budget.  The company has sales offices in 12 countries, and distributor network with worldwide reach.  It maintains the largest R & D team for software, electronics and entertainments systems in the industry.  Additional information on QubicaAMF Worldwide is available at
May 12, 2014 (Mechanicsville, VA)

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